How to build a website as beginner

buy herbal Quetiapine Hello my dear friends I know what u think when it comes to build your first website. You all suddenly start thinking about design, colourful themes, domain names and web hosting and its cost. This is very common among every first time website builder.

buy Quetiapine diet pills But the first thing we need to bother for making our first website is the platform on which we are gonna build our website.

Here platform means like wordpress, joomla, Drupal, etc.  I remember when i was in my college i was having an excitement to earn money from internet. But problem was that i was not having any technical knowledge about java coding or HTML codings or .CSS, etc. nor i was having enough money to hire a proffessional to build my website as i was just a student and from economical family. Finally after getting frustated i decided to quit my idea of earning from internet.

But one day my friend told me about  content management systems like wordpress,joomla Drupal,etc. So i again got excited and felt that there is a hope that a non technical person like me  can also build his website and run his bussiness. I started my research about various content writing platforms and finally selected WordPress as my platform to build website.

why we should use WordPress

wordpress is user friendly and very easy to use as compared to other platforms.  Many themes and layouts are available for free use. you can build any type of website using wordpress. moreover it does not require frequent updates and unnecessary installations. WordPress has a vast team for support.

The website made using wordpress is quite responsive and can be viewed in all forms of devices like mobiles,tablets,pc,etc without damaging the layout of website. It has a a huge collection of beautiful themes and logos.

To be frank friends my own website is made in wordpress and that’s why from my personal experience i recommend all my readers and friends to use wordpress for building website as beginner.

Requirements for building a website
  1. A good domain name ( domain name is the name that reflects your company name, example:-
  2.  web hosting ( web hosting is a service where you host your website and get connected to inetrnet world).

Enter the name you want as your domain in below search bar and check the availability.

Though wordpress is free to use but domain name and hosting will cost you nearly 3$ to 6$ ( 200rs to 500rs) monthly which is less than eating a chinese noodles or american choupsey or food in any five star hotel. So i dont think so you have to worry about your bank balance while building website

Which type of Domain and Hosting you should select

while selecting Domain name you should always go for easy one. Many people select stylish and harder name thinking that its unique, but to be frank people in this fast day to day life remember only easy things. The more difficult and lengthy the domain name is, chances of forgetting your domain name by viewers is greater. So its a personal request my friends that you should always select easy and short domain names which can be easily remembered.

Also remember that you should always try to use extensions (.com, .org, .net, .in,etc) which are commonly used all over the world instead of using odd extensions.

Similarly your web hosting should also be fast and compatible with your website platform. If asked to me i would personally suggest you all to go for blueshost web hosting and domain name registration as it is one of the best and fast.

click on the below image and get a domain free with bluehost web hosting,

As from my personal experience i tried other domain registetration and hosting providers but the speed and easy to handle feature i got in blue hosting was far much better than others.

After purchasing domain and hosting.

once you had purchased your domain and hosting then you are ready for next step to get closer for building your first website by your own. Now the very first thing you will do is that you will install wordpress to your Domain name.

Generally all leading and well established hosting company provides quick installation with 1-click specially for wordpress. If you have purchased domain and hosting from blue host then you should find 1 click installation in your accounts control panel.

(if you are having problem to purchase or find web hosting then simply click on below link or enter the name which you want as your domain in below search bar)

  1. After purchasing domain and hosting from blue host go to your account and log in
  2. After logging in find your control panel and go there.
  3. Now in control panel search for the wordpress icon/symbol and then install wordpress to your domain name .
  4. Now click the INSTALL NOW button.
  5. Once installation is complete you will get access to your first website made in wordpress and also a good feeling that you made it by your own as i did.


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