How Can a middle class Family Become Rich??????

Hello friends,

Today we are gonna see that how can a middle class family also become rich. Before starting this I would like to tell you friends that I too belong from middle class family. There are many ways through which you can become rich.

In my college days I always use to see FERARI and MERCEDEZ  cars  and use to think that will a day come in my life when I will be an successfull owner of mercedez benz or AUDI car or FERARI .

AS I was just a student so I use to get very limited money as a simple girl of middle class family gets. But one thing I was firm that  though I am born in middle class family but I would’nt live a middle class life fore ever.  So I started searching for various investment schemes through which I can get a good handsome return.

One day when I was having an investment chat with my dad, he told me about MUTUAL FUNDS.  He told me that he was investing in mutual fund from last ten years which I was not knowing, becoz it was secretly planned by my family for my future.

To be very frank friends I was feeling this MUTUAL FUND topic with my dad very boring and useless. But as soon as he said that if u wanna buy luxury car and full girly cosmetics  and designer wardrobe then start investing in mutual fund, I got a feeling of some seriousness. I asked my dad that how can a middle class girl buy a luxury car and all expensive thing by investing in just mutual funds like boring investment scheme.

At that moment my dad showed me that how he made 30 lacs rupees by just investing 2000 monthly for last ten years .   As soon as  I saw his investment getting multiplied and by compounding interest  over  ten years period of time I was totally stunned and shocked.

From that day I started regular investment in MUTUAL funds.  And seriously friends my investment from last 7 years  has given me a handsome return due to which I  was able to get downpayment for my new flat and now I am aiming at luxury car.

Just imagine friends  a girl like me, who use to think twice before going out for movie with friends  has bought her own flat house just by investing regularly in mutual funds.

I know you all might be thinking actually buy dapoxetine online in india what mutal funds are?

Mutual funds are nothing but a pool of money invested by investors of a company in diversified portfolio to minimaize risk and get good return for company and for investors who invested money in their funds.

Suppose if you had invested in a mutual fund say A and if A is having its money invested in different sub groups of companies like a,b,c,d,e,f. Then your money invested in company A is indirectly invested in different companies a,b,c,d,e,f. thus making your money invested in diversified portfolio and lowering your investment risk.

Take another general example:-  If you have invested your money say 15$ in mutual fund say AMERICA .But AMERICA  has invested its money in different companies like in pakistan 10%, china 25%, africa 20%, australia 30% and india 15%.  This means your 15$ is also invested in these different companies indirectly.

so now you might have understood that how mutual funds work and what a huge return we can get by investing regularly in mutual funds through SIP with very low negligiable risk.

cheap generic Seroquel RETURNS from mutual funds.

Mutual funds is a good and most poweful tool available in today’s inflational market for making good wealth and getting rich for all living humans in the world.

I personally believe that there is no shortcut for making money and geting rich. so my friends i humbly request you to seriously start investing in good mutual funds available in your country. Also do deep research before investing and invest for long term to become a billionaire. I have already been investing and i shall continue my investment for next 13 years from here to become one of the billionaire girl and women.

Generally good mutual funds give you return of about 12% to 15% for long term or even more than that. some times you even get more returns nearly 25% to 30%  which is more than any returns obtained on Bank Fixed deposit .

Mutual funds are generally managed by well trained and high ranking professionals. so even in crisis your funds are well managed and are in safe hands. Before investing in any funds you should consult a professional or if you have knowledge than have a good study before investing in any mutual fund scheme.

if somebody had invested 1,00,000  i.e one lakh (indian rupees) in reliance mutual fund in 1998 then after 20 years in 2017 the value of one lakh indian rupees has turned in 1.25 crore rupees. can u believe this. yes this really happens in good mutual funds. similalrly there are many many mutual funds who can give you more return than this, just be an systematic investor and you will also be a rich person. Benefits of investing in mutual funds.

  1. Easy to start with just  little documentation process.
  2. Investment can be start with a normal 10$ or (500rs) in micro mutual fund
  3. Money invested for a period of more than 12 months is non taxable.
  4. Biggest benefit is that you can withdraw your money in case of emergency at any time with just a simple few minutes of process.
  5. Gives high returns than bank fixed deposits.
  6. Money is invested in diversified companies.
  7. very low risk.
  8. Even a small common man or college students can also invest.
  9. compounding interest rate of NAV of your funds.

Disadvantages / Drawbacks of mutual funds.

  1. Mutual funds are subject to market risk.
  2. Requires patience.

you can open your mutual fund account directly online or by going to paticular fund house if available in your city. you can even take a help of broking firms or finacial advisors for investing in mutual funds through them.

I hope friends  now you can also start to become rich millionaire by investing systematically in mutual funds.

If you have any questions and doughts then plz comment me so that i can help you.


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